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Will there be a peaceful transfer of power in DRC?

Millions of Congolese have voted to choose Joseph Kabila’s successor.

Congolese President Joseph Kabila has been in power for nearly 18 years, but he has now agreed to step down.

Millions of voters went to the polls in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday to choose his successor after a delay of more than two years.

The votes are being counted even as both the sides – Kabila’s chosen candidate and the opposition – are claiming victory.

The election was marred by widespread irregularities, including complaints of vote rigging and violence.

The internet has been cut, in an apparent attempt to stop speculations about the results. People in some areas didn’t get to vote because of fighting and an outbreak of Ebola.

With provisional results expected to be announced this week, is the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) about to embark on a new era?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Al Kitenge – CEO of Innovation Task Force

Marie-Roger Biloa – journalist and CEO of MRB Networks

Alex Vines – head of the Africa Programme at Chatham House