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Can the political deadlock be broken in Spain?

Spaniards voted for a second time in six months following failure to form a government.

Spaniards have gone to the polls to try to break six months of political stalemate.

The unprecedented, repeat general election was caused by the failure of the four main political parties to agree on a coalition government since the election last December.

It saw the break-up of Spain’s traditional two-party political system into four.

After months of negotiations, the People’s Party of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy could not persuade his rivals to form a ruling coalition.

Will the outcome of the new election heal the political divide? And how are new political parties shaking the system?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Arnau Perez Valero – Political Analyst at the public affairs company Llorente y Cuenca

Ramon Pacheco Pardo – Senior Lecturer in international relations at King’s College London

Pau Mari-Klose – Assistant Professor of sociology at the University of Zaragoza