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What’s the future of the UK in the wake of Brexit?

A majority of British voters have opted to leave the European Union.

The United Kingdom has decided to become the first major economy to leave the 28-member state of the European Union.

It is the culmination of four months of bitter campaigning that has exposed deep rifts in British society.

But it is also the result of years of scepticism about the EU in the UK, where Brussels and EU officials are often perceived as unaccountable political elite, who have too much power over the lives of British people.

That is a statement disputed by those who campaigned for the UK to remain in the EU. But this vote was as much about emotion and disillusionment with the status quo, as it was about Britain’s future in the EU.

Where does the UK go from here? And how divided are Britons after this vote?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


John Hilary – executive director of War on Want

Jonathan Portes – principal research fellow at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research

Charlie Wells – European features editor for The Wall Street Journal