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Does Netanyahu fear new US strategy in Middle East?

Calls for US Congress to block Iran nuclear deal could be sign of weakened ties between Washington and Tel Aviv.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged US Congress to block a proposed nuclear deal with Iran in a much-anticipated speech in Washington D.C.

After that speech, US President Barack Obama said Netanyahu offered no “viable alternatives” to nuclear talks with Iran.

For many, the speech has only deepened the rift between the US and Israel, with Netanyahu wary of a new strategic realignment in the Middle East if a deal with Iran were to be reached.

Would Washington review its seemingly unlimited support for Israel? And are the ties between the two countries at risk?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Geneive Abdo – fellow for the Middle East Program at The Stimson Center. Geneive is also a director of the US-Iran Advisory Group.

Phyllis Bennis – director of the new international project at the Institute for Policy Studies. 

Haviv GoorTimes of Israel political correspondent.