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Can Somalia disarm its militias?

After years of civil war and weak government, the country is awash with weapons.

Earlier this month, the Somali government announced a campaign to rid the country of illegal weapons. Politicians say it will be a major step to bring peace to a nation torn apart by years of civil strife and lawlessness.

Weapons are everywhere in Somalia. They are in the hands of the militia and warlords. As well as civilians who are estimated to own up to 500,000 small arms.

That is considered a consequence of the country’s insecurity. And the government will have to convince Somalis it’s capable of providing security, before it can ask them to disarm.

So, is the Somali government going about disarming its people the right way?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan

Jamal Osman – a journalist with the UK’s Channel 4.

Abdi Aynte – the director of the Heritage Institute for Policy Studies, Mogadishu.

Ridwaan Haji Abdiwali – Somali government spokesman and communications advisor to the prime minister.