From: Africa Direct

Mairabot: A student-built robot in Nigeria

During COVID, innovative Nigerian school pupils design and build a health-assistant robot, to great acclaim.

When COVID-19 hit, an enterprising group of pupils in Abuja, Nigeria, used their robotics class to design and build a simple robot to cut down on interpersonal contact in hospitals.

Using only scraps they found around the classroom, they each contributed to the ideas, concept, mechanics and AI elements of their robot “Mairabot” – which earned praise from health officials and their teachers alike.

Mairabot, by filmmaker Philip Okpokoro, introduces us to Nabila Abbas and her fellow students in this short, inspiring film.

Philip Okpokoro is a Nigerian director and cinematographer with an impressive record in both documentary and live TV directing. He has directed a wide array of film projects from high-end live TV to intimate documentaries for global broadcasters, and has been awarded for best director of photography.