US allies, Russia back Iran deal after Trump threat

UK, France and Germany 'committed' to 2015 nuclear pact, as Russia says Trump's 'aggressive' stand is doomed to fail.

World leaders react to Donald Trump's speech on Iran

Middle East

'No renegotiation': Defiant Rouhani hits back at Trump

Iranian leader calls 2015 nuclear deal not renegotiable, says Trump's decision to 'decertify' it would isolate the US.

Rouhani hits back at Trump after nuclear deal speech

Nuclear energy

Trump 'doesn't have power' to cancel Iran nuclear deal

EU foreign policy chief defends landmark 2015 accord, shortly after US president announces decision to decertify it.

Mogherini: Trump doesn't have power to cancel Iran deal

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Iran's Javad Zarif: 'The US is addicted to sanctions'

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif says Iran could withdraw from the nuclear deal in the event of US breaches.

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Could the Iran nuclear deal collapse if US pulls out?

A key deadline is looming and all eyes are on US President Donald Trump who has never liked the accord.

Middle East

Iran 'needs just 5 days' to resume uranium enrichment

Iran's atomic boss says Tehran 'loyal' to nuclear deal but ready to respond if US renegotiates or walks away from it.


Iran: Top priority to protect nuclear deal from US

President Rouhani changes tune after earlier indicating he's ready to walk away if the US keeps applying sanctions.

Iran: Top priority to protect nuclear deal from US

Middle East

Iran: Missile tests not in violation of nuclear deal

US says missile test carried out in Semnan on Sunday, but Tehran insists its programme is not covered by nuclear deal.

Iran: Missile tests not in violation of nuclear deal

Nuclear energy

Japan, India sign 'historic' nuclear power deal

Landmark agreement signed in Tokyo despite criticism from anti-nuclear groups citing threats to safety.

Japan, India sign agreement on civil nuclear power


Controversial new nuclear plant ignites Belarus

Thirty years after Chernobyl catastrophe, construction of new nuclear station on border with Lithuania stirs debate.

Controversial new nuclear plant ignites Belarus


Egypt's nuclear energy folly

Unlike nuclear power, renewable energy has the potential to create an enormous number of jobs.

Khaled Diab

by Khaled Diab

Khaled Diab


Babushkas of Chernobyl

The defiant women who returned to the radioactive exclusion zone soon after the disaster share their tales of survival.

Science & Technology

Nuclear monitoring finds only 'tip of the iceberg'

World ports detect only a fraction of all nuclear material that is being transported illegally, leading scientist says.

World ports 'detect only fraction' of nuclear material