Working and saving has become risky, says analyst
Max Keiser

As markets around the world tumble and bank after bank announces massive write downs - or like Bear Stearns - collapse, governments have been quick to alleviate the problem by cutting interest rates and rescuing banks with taxpayer money.

But are savers, workers, pensioners and other people on a fixed income being penalised for the reckless speculation of a few? 

And if speculators are being bailed out on such a large scale, then will it encourage them to continue to do so in the future - knowing that the government will be there to bail them out?

In Savers Vs Speculators, Max Keiser speaks to striking British police officers, consumers and pensioners to see whether they are noticing rising prices at a time when they will now be collecting less interest on their savings account.

An in-studio discussion with investors Bronwyn Curtis, from Arch Group and Justin Urquhart Stewart, from Seven Investment Management follows.

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