Academy award-winning director Kevin Macdonald's success with documentaries and feature films continues to expand across continents.  

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, to a family of accomplished filmmakers, Kevin Macdonald's artistic talents were cultivated from a young age.

His interest in film began with documentaries, and in 1995 he launched his career with The Making of an Englishman, a biographical film about his grandfather, Emeric Pressburger.

Since then, Kevin Macdonald has gone on to produce numerous films in Hollywood, including One Day in September (2000), Touching the Void (2003), The Last King of Scotland (2006) and State of Play (2009).

A selfless visionary, he credits much of the success of his films to talented team players: "My attitude when I go into making a feature film is the same as I do with documentaries, which is that I want to see what other people can do and kind of nurture them and get the best out of them."

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Source: Al Jazeera