Gore Vidal
From: One on One

Gore Vidal

The novelist, playwright, screenwriter and essayist has been a leader in the American literary culture for six decades.

Gore Vidal’s career as a novelist, playwright, screenwriter, essayist and political activist began in the years immediately after World War II and continues into the 21st century. Over six decades, Gore Vidal has authored more than 50 pieces, including mystery novels, satires and the award-winning film Ben-Hur (1959). 

He began writing in the 1940s while recovering in a military hospital from a serious illness. Then while living overseas in Guatemala and Europe, he published several novels and eventually settled back in the US where he produced television scripts and screenplays.

Returning to novels and essays, Gore Vidal quickly earned a reputation for his wit and satirical commentary about American political and cultural history. Despite the controversy surrounding some of his work, he has been a leader in the American literary culture over the years.

With legions of fans around the world known as “Vidalophiles”, he has been outspoken on politics, history and culture.

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