From: One on One

Peter Gabriel

The English musician and founding member of Genesis talks about embracing world music.


In 2010, English musician and singer Peter Gabriel was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as vocalist of the progressive rock group Genesis, which he co-founded in 1967.

Since launching his solo career in the 1970s, Peter Gabriel has worked on a number of collaborative albums and soundtracks with top producers and musicians such as Youssou N’Dour, Phil Collins, Sinead O’Conner and Angelique Kidjo.

He has released 11 solo albums and has earned a global reputation for his innovative work to integrate different styles of music.

His influence spans genres and geography – most notably for his interest in world music and creative stage presence as a performer.

In addition, he has been involved in a wide range of human rights and environmental issues, driven by a desire to shine a spotlight into unseen corners of the world and empower artists worldwide.