Salman Ahmad
As a child growing up in Pakistan he was told colourful stories about India by his refugee grandfather. When, as an adult, Salman Ahmad pushed for peace between the two countries, he risked his career - and his life, as extremists sent him death threats.

In 1990, Salman formed the rock band, Junoon, with friends – challenging the conservative values of Pakistani society with politically motivated songs, but enormous commercial success and acclaim also followed, with songs such as Sayonee.

Today the band's work often takes second place to solo music projects – as well as Salman's campaigning to promote HIV/Aids awareness in South Asia.

Since the 9/11 attacks, the motivated musician has also found himself working tirelessly to improve the image of Muslims in America.

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This episode of One on One aired 10 November 2007. (Originally aired 21 April 2007)

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