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Indonesia's Islamic future
Will the world's most populous Muslim nation be able to maintain its moderate image?

Japan's love affair with fish
But with global stocks decimated and illegal fishing rife will it be off the menu?

Thai elections
Will the Thai elections see a resurrection of Thaksin Shinawatra's influence?

Nepal's political limbo
We look at the violence surrounding the postponed elections and the Maoists.

Maori Nation
A look at the controversy surrounding the arrests of Maori activists in New Zealand.

Australian immigration
Race has re-emerged as an issue in a country ill-at ease with its ethnic diversity.

Protests in Malaysia
101 East asks if there is a need for fundamental change in the country.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
The Indonesian president gives 101 East an exclusive interview.

Frontline: Maldives
101 East looks at the crackdown on what the government calls "radical Islamists".

Indonesia's anti-terror police
101 East investigates their human rights record.

Ibrahim Gambari
We speak to the UN envoy to Myanmar after the crackdown on pro-democracy protesters.

Muhammad Yunus
The founding force behind micro-credit talks to 101 East.

Myanmar protests
101 East asks if there is still hope for democracy in Myanmar.

Southern Thailand Special
Thousands have died in violence between separatists and the authorities since 2004.

Japanese politics
Following the fall of Shinzo Abe, are the Liberal Democratic party's days numbered.


Hmong tribes
Hmong refugees in Thailand fear persecution if they are forced to return to Laos.

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