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‘This is your brain on sports’

A new book explores psychology, neuroscience and human behaviour through the lens of sports.

On Monday, February 29 at 19:30 GMT:

Sports can trigger emotions and behaviours that are sometimes hard to explain. Why do fans and athletes buy into superstitions and rituals that have no evident influence over the outcome of a match? Why would the heat of the moment cause a player to verbally abuse an umpire or headbutt an opponent in front of millions of fans?

These are some of the questions explored in a new book, “This is Your Brain on Sports,” by psychology professor Sam Sommers and sports journalist Jon Wertheim. The book uses storytelling and empirical evidence to link the behaviour of teams, athletes and fans to society at large.

So, what can sports teach us about human nature?

Joining this conversation:

Sam Sommers @samsommers
Co-Author, “This is Your Brain on Sports”

John Amaechi @JohnAmaechi
Former Professional Basketball Player & Psychologist

Thomas van Schaik @thomasvanschaik
Sports Marketer

Abha Gallewale @AbhaG
Sports Fan

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