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Redesigning the classroom: Can children teach themselves?

Education pioneer Sugata Mitra joins The Stream to discuss the future of learning.

“Schools as we know them now are obsolete”. So says Sugata Mitra who believes the only thing children need in order to learn is a computer connected to the internet. He maintains that self-organised learning environments – or SOLEs, where children teach themselves and each other, are what’s next for our classrooms. What do you think of this innovative, yet controversial, glimpse at the future of education? Join us at 1930GMT.
On this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Sugata Mitra @Sugatam
Founder, School in the Cloud

Amy Harrington @amygharrington
Self-directed learning advocate

Mike Godsey @TheMrGodsey
High school teacher

Sunita Sehmi @WalkTheTalkGVA
Skype Granny

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