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In Rwanda, remembrance and reconciliation

Twenty years on, Rwandans reflect on the genocide that killed more than 800,000.

How does a nation reconcile with genocide? Twenty years have passed since ethnic divisions sparked the killing of more than 800,000 Rwandans. How much progress has been made in repairing societal damages, and to what degree has Rwanda achieved reconciliation and justice for its people? We’ll hear Rwandan perspectives on the 1994 massacre. Join the conversation at 1930GMT.  

In this episode, we speak to:

Yvette Nyombayire Rugasaguhunga @NyombayireYR
Diplomat, Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda

Olivia Ikilezi Rubagumya @ikilezi
Digital Strategist

Alphonsine Kabagabo
Survivor, Vice-Chair of Survivors Fund

Samuel Munderere
Program Manager, Foundation Rwanda

Jean Baptiste Habyalimana @jb_habyalimana 
Executive Secretary, Rwandan National Unity and Reconciliation Commission

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