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Joko Widodo: Will Putin and Zelenskyy meet at Bali’s G20 summit?

With world powers divided over Ukraine war, Indonesia’s president discusses the challenges facing upcoming G20 summit.

For the first time, Indonesia holds the presidency of the G20.

President Joko Widodo received the handover from Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi at its summit in Rome last year, but a lot has happened in the world since then. And before Indonesia’s presidency ends next month, Widodo will welcome the G20 leaders in Bali.

The motto for the Indonesia G20 summit is “Pulih Bersama, Bangkit Perkasa” (Recover Together, Recover Stronger). But with world powers divided over the war in Ukraine, is “togetherness” even possible?

Indonesian President Joko Widodo talks to Al Jazeera.