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Is the United States misusing its veto at the UN Security Council?

The US has vetoed three resolutions calling for a suspension of hostilities in Gaza since October 7.

Nearly five months since Israel launched its war on Gaza, the United Nations has failed to adopt a resolution calling for a pause in the hostilities.

Three votes have been held in the Security Council – but the United States has vetoed them all.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has described the veto as an instrument that’s paralysed the council from taking action on Gaza.

Palestine’s ambassador to the UN has said US vetoes have cost Palestinians their lives.

The US is one of only five permanent members that can veto resolutions, and it’s been accused of misusing its power.

So is use of the veto a hindrance to decision-making in the UN Security Council?

And does it serve the agenda of only a select group of countries?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Richard Gowan- UN director at the International Crisis Group

Mouin Rabbani – non-resident fellow at the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies

Carne Ross – adviser for the UN Summit of the Future