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Will China’s ‘three-child policy’ reverse its population decline?

Government announces policy shift in an attempt to deal with ageing population.

Once known for its “one-child policy”, China is again relaxing its restrictions as it tries to cope with an ageing population.

In 2016, the policy was altered to allow couples to have two children, instead of the previous one.

Now, the government says they can have up to three.

Census data show the birth rate is at its lowest in decades, while the number of people above retirement age is growing rapidly.

But many Chinese say they simply cannot afford to have more than one child.

What are the social and economic consequences for the world’s most populous country?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Dan Wang – Chief economist, Hang Seng Bank (China)

Stuart Gietel-Basten – Professor of social science and public policy, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Sophie Richardson – China director, Human Rights Watch