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Why has Nigeria failed to defeat Boko Haram?

The group’s fighters are suspected of killing dozens of civilians in Borno state, in the country’s northeast.

Nigeria’s government has repeatedly said it has defeated Boko Haram.

Yet after more than 10 years of fighting the armed group, violence is rising in the northeast.

Boko Haram is suspected of being behind an attack on Saturday that has been described as the most violent on civilians this year.

The UN says “tens of civilians” were killed in the assault on farmers in rice fields near Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state.

What is been done to fight Boko Haram and can it be defeated?

Presenter: Bernard Smith


Ovigwe Eguegu – Geopolitical and security analyst at the think-tank Afripolitika

Vincent Foucher – Consulting senior analyst for West Africa at International Crisis Group