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What will it take to end conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region?

Ethiopian government denies rejecting talks as PM launches ‘final assault’ on region.

Three weeks have passed since Ethiopia’s government sent soldiers into Tigray.

Now Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has ordered troops to carry out a final assault against the northern region’s government – the Tigray People’s Liberation Front or TPLF.

On Friday, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate told African Union mediators he will only speak to representatives “operating legally” in Tigray.

The conflict has forced 43,000 people to seek refuge in Sudan.

So what is needed to end the fighting?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Samuel Getachew – Journalist at The Reporter

Ann Fitz-Gerald – Director, Balsillie School of International Affairs

William Davison – Senior Ethiopia analyst, International Crisis Group

The Ethiopian government declined Inside Story’s request for a representative to join the discussion