From: Inside Story

Is a migrant crisis unfolding off West Africa’s Atlantic coast?

Hundreds of people have died this year in the dangerous sea journey to the Canary Islands.

A sea journey to Europe once shunned by many migrants for being too dangerous is busy again.

Hundreds have drowned this year in the Atlantic Ocean off Senegal on their way to the Canary Islands, a Spanish territory and gateway to Europe.

More than 16,000 migrants have made the journey this year, 10 times last year’s total.

Hotels that served tourists before the coronavirus pandemic have been turned into reception centres.

Why are people risking their lives to take this hazardous route?

Presenter: Bernard Smith


Mamadou Mbengue – Coordinator at the human rights organisation Enda Diapol in Senegal

Pablo Iglesias – Spokesman, Doctors of the World

Olivia Sundberg Diez – Policy analyst, European Policy Centre