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Slavery in Yemen

Despite government denials, this investigation uncovers evidence of slave labour in Yemen.

Filmmaker: Ashraf Mashharawi

Slavery is illegal throughout the world, banned by international convention and treaty. But there is at least one country where it is alleged still to exist: Yemen.

In June 2010, a local Yemeni newspaper, Al-Masdar, reported that slavery not only existed but was growing in Yemen. It published the story of 500 alleged slaves in the country.

The government dismissed the Al-Masdar reports and insisted they were entirely unfounded.

But when a Yemeni judge approved the transfer of a slave from one owner to another, it triggered a campaign by a local journalist, human rights activists, and the wider press.

With the help of these campaigners and using hidden cameras, the makers of this Al Jazeera film investigate political figures allegedly involved in modern slavery.

They follow up several cases, hear from current and former slaves and their owners, and are able to intervene on behalf of some of the victims.

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