In an autonomous Spanish city on the north coast of Africa, people of four religions live together in peace.
Eritreans, fleeing their own country for decades, are now using refugee camps in Sudan as a first step into Europe.
The inspirational story of the daily lives of the deaf community of Gaza.
We follow the B'doul tribe of the ancient Jordanian city of Petra as they eke out a living in a modern-day tourist site.
Bangladeshi students travel to the UK in hope of a prestigious education only to find the reality is quite different.
Despite government denials, this investigation uncovers evidence of slave labour in Yemen.
As Libya emerges from the shadows of dictatorship, it must decide whether to embrace retribution or reconciliation.
Journalist Gideon Levy is arguably the most hated man in Israel for his reports on the occupied Palestinian territories.
How Germany's failure to track down the killers of nine immigrants affected its relationship with the Turkish community.
To what length do Palestinian prisoners in Israel go on hunger strike?
What happened to residents trapped in the besieged southern Gaza town of Khuzaa?
Constant power outages mean the people of Gaza are forced to live much of their lives off the grid.
Two Serbian Gypsies celebrate Roma culture through music.
Five Syrian refugees in Turkey reveal their hopes, fears and why their homeland feels like a world away.
Italian marathon runner Max Calderan goes on a spectacular Ramadan journey across the desert of the Sinai Peninsula.
Follow the story of exiled Uighur Muslims of Central Asia, many of whom fled Chinese control of their land in 1949.
A rare glimpse at peopleís daily lives in western Algeria as we go behind the scenes at three different weddings.
Brazilís revival, despite the World Cup protests, from 1990s debt and inflation to stability and relative wealth today.
The 1991 and 2003 attacks on Iraq destroyed museums, libraries, theatres and heritage sites.
Israel exercises total control over Area C, which forms 61 percent of the land of the West Bank.
The personal stories of three members of the Syrian opposition forces treated for critical wounds in Germany.
An extraordinary insight into Palestinian life in the city before 1948, revealing the loss of a culture and lifestyle.

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