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The Child Minders

Educated women from the former Soviet republics work as nannies in Turkey to support their families back home.

Son of the Desert

Italian marathon runner Max Calderan goes on a spectacular Ramadan journey across the desert of the Sinai Peninsula.

Women Who Refuse to Die

Twenty years after the Srebrenica massacre, four Bosnian women look to the future despite the pain of their past.

Ramadan in Kenya

An intimate look at the holy month of Ramadan through the eyes of Muslims living in a predominantly Christian country.

The Road to Sanaa

A story of political skulduggery in Yemen and the high cost to the presidency of alleged collusion with the Houthis.

Palestine Divided

The story of the Palestinian people's split between Gaza Strip and the West Bank and its impact on families and freedom.

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A Goat for a Vote

Three Kenyan high school students campaign to become school president using music, sweets and a goat to attract votes.


Life in San Salvador

The capital of El Salvador is being torn apart as gangs clash, leaving death, chaos and destruction in their wake.

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