The 1991 and 2003 attacks on Iraq destroyed museums, libraries, theatres and heritage sites.
Israel exercises total control over Area C, which forms 61 percent of the land of the West Bank.
The personal stories of three members of the Syrian opposition forces treated for critical wounds in Germany.
An extraordinary insight into Palestinian life in the city before 1948, revealing the loss of a culture and lifestyle.
A poor Kurdish family travels across Turkey searching for farm-work in exploitative conditions.
What happens to millions of Egyptians who are unaccounted for by the state?
In 1944, Stalin deported 218,000 Crimean Tatars to Central Asia - we tell the story of their struggle to return home.
One man fights to save the life of his daughter, then himself, finding redemption in helping others avoid his own fate.
A filmmaker travels through the West Bank exploring the relationship between Palestinians and Israeli settlers.
Educated, middle-class Syrian exiles share their thoughts on the revolution and their determination to return home.
Tens of thousands of Greeks, often ethnic Turks, were stripped of their nationality and now face a battle to regain it.
A story of migrants in Lebanon, whose dreams of finding a new life abroad often turn out to be little more than fantasy.
We trace the reasons for the split between north and South Sudan and its impact on the lives of ordinary South Sudanese.
Exclusive gated communities are springing up across Istanbul, but how are they shaping the social fabric of the city?
What will become of families stranded in Vietnam since their Moroccan fathers defected from the French army in 1953?
Circassians are protesting the holding of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games 150 years after being expelled from their land.
The story behind Mossad's bungled bid to assassinate Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal.
The history of modern Syria is offering an intriguing and incisive perspective on the current war in the country.
Palestinian Bedouins in the Israeli-occupied Jordan Valley struggle to cling on to an age-old way of life.
Palestinian Christians speak out about the obstacles facing pilgrims to sites associated with the life of Jesus.
Can a Qatari former camel herder find an alternative to the mass killing of camels underway in Australia?
Turkey and Israel were once good friends but ties have slowly soured, creating new geopolitical tensions in the region.

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