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Ramadan in Kenya

An intimate look at the holy month of Ramadan through the eyes of Muslims living in a predominantly Christian country.

|   Arts & Culture, Africa, Kenya, Religion, Islam


The Road to Sanaa

A story of political skulduggery in Yemen and the high cost to the presidency of alleged collusion with the Houthis.

Palestine Divided

The story of the Palestinian people's split between Gaza Strip and the West Bank and its impact on families and freedom.

Istanbul My Dream

The story of four African immigrants who dream of stardom and celebrity in their new home.

Women of Krusha

The story of how the women of a Kosovan village rebuilt their lives after many of their men were killed in 1999.

Born in '48

Five women, Israeli and Palestinian, born in the same year but irreconcilably divided by history and events.

Algerian wedding

A rare glimpse at traditional life in Algeria as we go behind the scenes at three weddings in the country's west.

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It's a man's world

Can perpetrators of violence against women play a role in preventing it and to what extent can early intervention help?

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The US and Cuba: Obsession

The US and Cuba: Obsession

After decades of tension and hostility between the two nations, has change finally come to US-Cuba relations?