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People of the Nile

Two families live and work on small fishing boats but dream of one day living on dry land.

Jerusalem: Hitting Home

In East Jerusalem, Palestinians whose houses are declared illegal by Israel are being forced to raze their own homes.

From Riches to Rags

The stories of three Iraqi women, forced to seek refuge in Jordan where their new lives have proved very tough indeed.

Death of Aleppo

Al Jazeera World follows the everyday lives of Aleppo residents living amid the ongoing conflict and destruction.

Syria: So Near, So Far

Five Syrian refugees in Turkey reveal their hopes, fears and why their homeland feels like a world away.

Syria: The Reckoning

This history of modern Syria offers an intriguing and incisive perspective on the current war in the country.

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Farewell Kabul

As foreign troops withdraw from Afghanistan, one young Afghan photographer has finally found a way to flee the country.

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