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Syria: So Near, So Far

Five Syrian refugees in Turkey reveal their hopes, fears and why their homeland feels like a world away.

Syria: The Reckoning

This history of modern Syria offers an intriguing and incisive perspective on the current war in the country.

Ahalil: Music of the Red Oasis

The music of the Algerian Sahara, known as Ahalil, is a key part of a way of life that has survived for centuries.

The Wooden Rifle

Five Lebanese in Beirut reflect on how their lives have been affected by their country's civil war in the 1970s and 80s.

Shattered heritage

The 1991 and 2003 attacks on Iraq destroyed museums, libraries, theatres and heritage sites.


How Egypt's most devoted football fans became a major protest group during their country's revolution and the aftermath.

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