Jordan, Israel announce airdrop of urgent medical aid to Gaza hospital

Jordan’s King Abdullah II says it is ‘our duty to aid our brothers and sisters injured in the war on Gaza’.

The Jordanian air force has airdropped medical supplies into Gaza [File: Petra News Agency via Reuters]

Jordan and Israel have announced the airdrop of urgent medical supplies to a field hospital in the Gaza Strip.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II said early on Monday that the Jordanian air force had dropped “urgent medical aid” to the field hospital operated by the kingdom in the enclave since 2009.

“Our fearless air force personnel air-dropped at midnight urgent medical aid to the Jordanian field hospital in Gaza,” he said on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“This is our duty to aid our brothers and sisters injured in the war on Gaza. “We will always be there for our Palestinian brethren.”

Israel’s military said in a statement later on Monday that it had “coordinated” with its Arab neighbour on the drop, which it said also included food.

“The equipment will be used by the medical staff for patients,” it said.

Last month, Saudi Arabia’s Arab News, citing an unnamed official, reported that the Jordanian field hospital was facing an “existential threat” and would likely stop operating soon due to a lack of supplies amid Israeli bombing.

Humanitarian organisations have warned of a growing humanitarian crisis due to shortages of food, water, electricity and fuel caused by Israel’s blockade and bombing of the enclave.

On Sunday, the heads of 18 United Nations agencies and NGOs issued a rare joint statement condemning the siege on Gaza as “unacceptable” and calling for aid to be delivered “safely, swiftly and at the scale needed”.

The airdrop came as United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Turkey as part of a high-stakes diplomatic tour of the region, following visits to Israel, the occupied West Bank, Jordan and Iraq.

Jordan, like other Arab countries, has strongly condemned Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, which officials in the Hamas-governed enclave say has killed at least 9,922 Palestinians.

Amman last week recalled its ambassador to Israel after accusing the country of creating an “unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe” in the enclave.

Source: Al Jazeera and news agencies