Thousands of Yemeni children malnourished

The fight to save half a million starving children in Yemen.


    Hundreds of thousands of children are suffering acute malnutrition because of the war in Yemen.

    Two weeks ago, we reported how two-year-old Bassam Hassan's parents in the Houthi-controlled north could not afford to take him to the capital Sanaa for treatment.

    The Houthi administration's health minister saw Bassam’s story on Al Jazeera English and ordered that Bassam be brought for treatment. His condition might improve or he might need treatment from an outside specialist.

    But even the health minister may not be able to manage that because the Saudi-UAE coalition has shut down Yemeni airspace, trapping Bassam, as well as the estimated 95,000 other Yemenis in need of treatment abroad, inside the country.

    Al Jazeera's Bernard Smith reports from neighbouring Djibouti.


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