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Libyan rebels

Libyan rebels continue their struggle against Muammer Gaddafi loyalists; for the rebels it is a matter of life or death.

Published On 3 Jul 2011
Benghazi Life Continues Within A Backdrop Of War

In the fog of war, pro-democracy forces are having a hard time determining friend from foe.

Published On 11 May 2011
the ''grand lions'' of libya

Gaddafi’s troops may be better armed, but rebels in Misurata say their morale is higher.

Published On 19 Apr 2011
organised but overwhelmed in misurata

Rebels in the Libyan city have set up a council, foodstalls and road blocks, but the number of casualties is rising.

Published On 16 Apr 2011
''Liberated'' Eastern Libya Adjusts To Life Without Gaddafi Rule - goes with Ruth article

Sometimes, just getting to the front lines can be the most hazardous part of a journey in Libya.

Published On 14 Apr 2011
Mazer, Libyan villager from Swahat

Gaddafi once gave the remote village of Swahat all that it needed, but the villagers have now fled, fearing his wrath.

Published On 8 Apr 2011