Jane Arraf

Jane Arraf


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Amer­i­can and Iran­ian fran­chis­es over­come dif­fi­cul­ties to take a slice out of a bur­geon­ing mar­ket for fast food.

Published On 17 Jul 2015
Iraq Ice cream parlour

While Iraq has an­nounced it will “lib­er­ate” Mo­sul, the US has raised fears about its pre­pared­ness for ground of­fen­sive.

Published On 9 Feb 2015
General John Allen

Iraq’s war with­in a war

An ap­par­ent mas­sacre in Diyala serves as a re­minder of some­thing more dan­ger­ous to Iraq than the fight against ISIL.

Published On 29 Jan 2015
Diyala security forces