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Brides and Brothels: The Rohingya Trade

Thousands of Rohingya girls continue to face sexual exploitation, forced marriage and trafficking in refugee camps.


Modern slavery: Are we all to blame?

Slavery is a reality for millions of people, and the blame doesn't stop with traffickers.

Modern slavery: Are we all to blame?


Bangladesh: Trafficking of girls rife in Rohingya camps

Rights groups say Rohingya refugees are being increasingly targeted by human traffickers at camps in Bangladesh.


Slavery in Libya: Life inside a container

Two Eritreans, sold as slaves, share harrowing details of their time inside illegal detention centres in Libya.

Slavery in Libya: Life inside a container


Nigerian migrants return from Libya back to square one

Even after experiencing horrible treatment and conditions, almost half of West African migrants returning home from Libya say that they will try to reach Europe again.


Making money from EU's migration policies in Libya

EU's outsourced 'migration control' to Libya has yielded a humanitarian disaster and billions in profit.

Martin Lemberg-Pedersen

by Martin Lemberg-Pedersen

Martin Lemberg-Pedersen


UN considers sanctions to fight Libya slave trade

French diplomat urges Security Council action to identify people and groups behind trafficking through Libyan territory.

Counting the Cost

Migrants for sale: Slave trade in Libya

African refugees have long used Libya as gateway to Europe, but many are now facing abuse, exploitation and trafficking.

Inside Story

Can the world unite to beat human trafficking?

Millions of people across the globe are falling into the hands of a criminal enterprise that makes $150bn every year.


The cost of human trafficking

Human trafficking generates about $150bn a year in illegal profits.

The cost of human trafficking

US & Canada

Human trafficking victims found dead in Texas truck

Nine people dead and more than 20 critically injured in what police are calling a horrific case of immigrant smuggling.

Human trafficking victims found dead in Texas truck

Asia Pacific

Thai general convicted for Rohingya trafficking deaths

Many of the victims found in mass graves were Rohingya Muslims – a persecuted minority from Myanmar's Rakhine state.


Niger struggles to curb people smuggling

People smuggling is a lucrative business in the landlocked West African country of Niger. Migrants see it as a way to get to Europe by first crossing into Libya. But now the government with help from the European Union is trying to stop the trade.

Reporter's Notebook

Refugee crisis: 'Gangs run child prostitution rings'

Reports children are sexually exploited emphasise need to ensure refugees are welcomed and receive same care offered to EU citizens.


When NGOs save children who don't want to be saved

Western media misrepresent voluntary child labour as slavery.

Neil Howard

by Neil Howard

Neil Howard