Groups urge Malaysia ensure accountability for 2015 mass graves

A new report says human traffickers tortured Rohingya and others before burying them in mass graves.

Groups urge Malaysia ensure accountability for 2015 mass graves


Nigerian human trafficking survivor seeks justice in Mali

Al Jazeera meets a young Nigerian woman who was trafficked and forced into prostitution at age 17 in Mali.


Nigeria struggles to rescue 20,000 girls from Mali sex trade

Officials say collusion between law enforcement agents and traffickers is hampering the rescue efforts.

Human trafficking

Nigeria finds more than 20,000 kidnapped girls in Mali

Most of the victims were sold as sex slaves after false promises or kidnapping, Nigeria's anti-trafficking agency said.

Nigeria finds more than 20,000 kidnapped girls in Mali


Sex trafficking victims: From juju curses to the street

The Oba of Benin threatened those manipulating women with black magic curses, bringing a moment of relief in Italy.

A traditional Nigerian leader took on traffickers. Has it helped?

Tamil Tigers

'No peace in our lives': Sri Lanka's missing thousands

Can the Office of Missing Persons provide answers in a country with the world's second highest number of disappearances?

Latin America

Interpol: Hundreds of human trafficking victims saved

Nearly 350 victims of human trafficking rescued in Interpol raids throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Interpol operation rescues hundreds of human trafficking victims

Reporter's Notebook

Young, vulnerable and alone: Inside the maid trade

Despite an official ban and widespread condemnation, the trade of underage girls from Myanmar to Singapore continues to thrive.


Tricked and trapped: Inside the Rohingya trade

After escaping violence in Myanmar, Rohingya women find themselves still vulnerable in Bangladesh's refugee camps.

101 East

Brides and Brothels: The Rohingya Trade

Thousands of Rohingya girls continue to face sexual exploitation, forced marriage and trafficking in refugee camps.


Modern slavery: Are we all to blame?

Slavery is a reality for millions of people, and the blame doesn't stop with traffickers.

Modern slavery: Are we all to blame?


Bangladesh: Trafficking of girls rife in Rohingya camps

Rights groups say Rohingya refugees are being increasingly targeted by human traffickers at camps in Bangladesh.


Slavery in Libya: Life inside a container

Two Eritreans, sold as slaves, share harrowing details of their time inside illegal detention centres in Libya.

Slavery in Libya: Life inside a container


Nigerian migrants return from Libya back to square one

Even after experiencing horrible treatment and conditions, almost half of West African migrants returning home from Libya say that they will try to reach Europe again.


Making money from EU's migration policies in Libya

EU's outsourced 'migration control' to Libya has yielded a humanitarian disaster and billions in profit.

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Martin Lemberg-Pedersen