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Three months before the presidential elections, Alexander Lukashenko, the president of the Republic of Belarus, claimed: "You have no other choice, you will vote for me!"

This is exactly how it happened in March 2006. How did it happen that 83 per cent of population voted for Lukashenko?

This parody of Belarus under Alexander Lukashenko's presidential leadership highlights the changing opinions of the population under his control and tracks the opposition struggle during few post-election days.

Assembling together all the debris of the opinions, comparing different historical events, jeering at dictator's arrogance and manners, admiring courage and dedication of the young generation, the film approaches the understanding of what is really going on in the center of Europe.

A revealing story about life in Belarus before and after the elections of president Lukashenko.

Rageh Omaar talks to a journalist who covered the events at Kalinovski Square about the authoritarian rule inside Belarus and how the people tried to rise up against their government.

Source: Al Jazeera