Director: Azza El-Hassan

Film is a wonderful way to document and preserve history. The Palestine Liberation Organisation realised this when it set up a Media Unit back in the seventies to collect old footage and record the reality of Palestinian life.

A labrynth of alleyways in a refugee camp
The archive was to preserve the Palestinians' own historical narrative. And what better way to counter the claims of some Israelis that Palestine was a land without a people, than to have documentary evidence of people living on the land.

But during the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon the films of the PLO Media Unit went missing. To this day the rich film history of Palestinian life has never been found. The disappearance of this film archive has become yet another grand narrative of loss.

Azza El Hassan – a Palestinian living in Jordan - set off in search of the missing PLO archive. She soon found herself caught up in a labrynth of dreams, delusions and bitter memories.

This film tracks Azza as she follows the contradicting and confusing clues in the hunt for the missing archive.

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