My Maysoon: A family’s tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea

Batoul Karbijha makes a film about her missing sister to find out the truth and deal with the pain of her loss.

On August 24, 2014, 20-year-old Maysoon Karbijha disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea. She was on her way from Libya to Europe when her boat capsized.

Of the 712 people on board, 352 were rescued, 24 bodies were taken from the water by the Italian navy, and about 170 people have been missing ever since. Maysoon is among them.

Her filmmaker sister Batoul, who fled to Europe earlier, is determined to find her. Batoul’s search takes her from Italy to Tunisia and Libya. She is confronted with graveyards full of missing migrants and refugees, and a labyrinth of ignorance, indifference and powerlessness. But, by making the film, Batoul can finally bring her family together to talk about their loss after years of silently refusing to accept that Maysoon may no longer be alive.

My Maysoon is a film by Batoul Karbijha.