Are conservatives trying to erase and rewrite US history?

From school curriculum changes to book bans, we examine the roots and effects of the anti-Critical Race Theory movement.

Conservatives in the United States are sounding the alarm about Critical Race Theory (CRT) in education. They claim that examining systemic racism and the history of race relations in the country “indoctrinates” students and causes feelings of undue guilt for historical wrongdoing.

Multiple states and school districts are attempting to restrict the way CRT, or what they decide falls under the CRT umbrella, can be taught in schools – or even referenced by educators.

But what happens when the history and experiences of Black and Brown people are erased from what we teach future generations?

On UpFront, Marc Lamont Hill speaks to Gloria Ladson-Billings, the former National Academy of Education president, and Sam Hoadley-Brill, a research and writing fellow at the African American Policy Forum.