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Why does Trump want to delay the US election?

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly compared himself with Abraham Lincoln. So we ask: What would Lincoln do?

In the past few weeks, US President Donald Trump has cast multiple clouds over the upcoming US election.

He disparaged mail-in voting, as many Americans look into that option to avoid lines at polling stations in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

He wondered out loud if it would be a good idea to delay the elections. And he said he would take a “wait and see” approach to accepting the results of the vote.

Trump has also repeatedly compared himself with Abraham Lincoln, who in his time was urged by some of his aides to consider delaying the 1864 election. But that vote proceeded as planned, and Lincoln won re-election. 

The Bottom Line’s Steve Clemons speaks to author and Democratic operative Sidney Blumenthal about Trump’s strategy and his claims to Lincolnian greatness.