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The Culture Project Band

“We came up with a lovely mixture of our personalities.”


Faisal al-Mnousi: Musician

“I am an audio engineer and music composer. I composed music for plays, programmes music and participated in local festivals and others outside Kuwait.

When we mix various styles of music together, we come up with good pieces. I like oriental music the most. Ziyad plays western music on the piano very well.

When we mix several styles together, we come up with a new thing. Ahmad plays folk rhythms, Sultan’s voice is really good. When these qualities were mixed together, we came up with a lovely mixture of our personalities. Each one of us does his best effort so we all reflect this image. People will see it and they will love us.”

Ziyad Zeiman: Music arts student

“I am from Bahrain, a student at the Higher Institute for Music in Kuwait, and I run a business outside Bahrain, in Kuwait.

We tried to replace Western musical instruments with oriental ones, so we play Western music in a Gulf or oriental style.

We hope to continue and develop our work, instruments and our effort as a band. We hope to achieve progress.”

Ahmed al-Dabbous: Musician

“I am a member of Maayuf band for folk music. I’ve taken part in festivals inside and outside Kuwait.

Maritime music is something that we have learned by heart, it is very beautiful and we like it.

We, members of the Culture Project Band, come from several places and different bands. We want to present this folk music to those who can’t listen to it.”

Sultan Muftah: Music teacher

“I am a music teacher and a member of the Kuwaiti Miami 2 band.

People now listen to many styles of music in Kuwait, unlike the past.

In the past, people stuck to folk and traditional music. Now, they have started to listen to Western music and other styles. I believe we will have a nice future in Kuwait.”


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