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Ali Bahar

“I like Jazz music, I like classic and Nahma. That is where I find my soul.”


“I am a Bahraini singer. My history as a singer is similar to any other one in Bahrain. We first start as amateurs, then if we decide to continue, we face difficulties. We challenge the difficulties to reach success. Some have reached it, others have not. It is a good field. God grants us the success.

Since I was young, I used to escort my father when they chanted the Fjari style. I was young and I used to always stay with my father when they chanted, and that was where I liked the Nahma style of chanting and liked music in general.

Abu Moli is very famous, he is a legend by himself. I like Abu Moli, and his songs, and I like the Riqi style. However, my style is not Riqi. I like Jazz music, Latin and classic music. I like classic and Nahma. That is where I find my soul. 

What has disappeared is the Gulf-Bahraini mixture of music, styles like al-Samri, al-Qadri, the Bahraini Bast, al-Kaf and others. I sing a mixture of various styles.

In general, there are many talented people in Bahrain. I see many active, young artists. I don’t want to mention names, but they are good and I like them.”


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