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Can Biden reinstate US global leadership?

US president is meeting world leaders in Europe, promising ‘America is back’.

In Cornwall on the southwest coast of England, leaders of an informal group of seven wealthy countries are meeting to discuss a daunting list of weighty issues.

The talks of the so-called G7 group will be dominated by vaccine diplomacy, climate change and rebuilding the global economy.

United States President Joe Biden has said he is determined to rebuild transatlantic ties and reframe relations with Russia, after four rocky years under his predecessor, Donald Trump, whose tariffs and withdrawal from treaties strained the US’s relations with major allies.

Biden is meeting leaders on the sidelines of the group sessions.

But what can the US president deliver?

Presenter: Halla Mohieddine


Philip J. Crowley – former US assistant secretary of state for public affairs

Karel Lannoo – CEO of the Centre for European Policy Studies

Vladimir Sotnikov – political scientist at the Russian Academy of Sciences