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How has COVID-19 changed the US election campaign?

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are taking very different approaches to campaigning during the pandemic.

Throughout 2020, few things have separated Democrats and Republicans in the United States more than their approaches to campaigning during the coronavirus pandemic.

That was never clearer than on Saturday when President Donald Trump held a rally on the White House lawn to mark his return to campaigning after testing positive for the virus.

Trump’s doctor said he is no longer considered at risk of transmitting coronavirus – but would not confirm if he has actually tested negative or not.

The campaign of his Democrat rival, Joe Biden, has continued its policy of smaller, physically-distanced pre-election events.

How has the pandemic changed the business of running for the White House?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Adolfo Franco – Republican strategist

James Warren – executive editor of NewsGuard fact-checkers

Kesha Ram – Democratic candidate for Vermont Senate