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An illustration breaks down how much US tax money is being spent on wars and the military.

Published On 18 Jun 2012
AL Jazeera Frames - Tax dollars at war
Video Duration 03 minutes 35 seconds

A city-building social-network game becomes a metaphor for life for one Indian couple.

Published On 16 May 2012
Al Jazeera Frames - CityVille
Video Duration 02 minutes 27 seconds

An Indian wrestler tells us about the beauty and discipline of the ancient fighting tradition known as Kushti.

Published On 16 May 2012
Al Jazeera Frames - Kushti: India
Video Duration 03 minutes 34 seconds

One woman gives an emotional account of her son’s mental deterioration and her sadness over who he grew up to be.

Published On 16 May 2012
Al Jazeera Frames - Scared Sick
Video Duration 03 minutes 20 seconds

A young mother explains why she cannot afford to feed her six children in Guatemala.

Published On 16 May 2012
Al Jazeera Frames - The roots of hunger
Video Duration 01 minutes 56 seconds

Despite spending years in a labour camp, one comedy group from Myanmar is still using humour as a weapon of protest.

Published On 14 Mar 2012
Al Jazeera Frames - Moustache Brothers
Video Duration 03 minutes 17 seconds

Indian animation filmmaker Somnath Pal explains where he gets his inspiration from.

Published On 6 Mar 2012
Al Jazeera Frames - The image maker
Video Duration 04 minutes 23 seconds

Sri Lanka’s newspaper men explain how they overcame bans on ink and paper to report the news at the height of the war.

Published On 5 Mar 2012
Al Jazeera Frames - Paper
Video Duration 03 minutes 58 seconds

Pathological gamblers talk through their addictions in casinos and racetracks, immersing us in their irrational world.

Published On 14 Dec 2011
Al Jazeera Frames - 500,000 Euros

The simple pulse feeds the masses as food prices continue to rise.

Published On 19 Oct 2011