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Can young activists inspired by Angola’s underground rap scene take on a political elite that has ruled for decades?

Published On 6 Nov 2012
Activate - Angola: Birth of Movement
Video Duration 24 minutes 54 seconds

Branded a ‘terrorist’ by the Chilean government, one man is fighting to save his ancestral lands from destruction.

Published On 31 Oct 2012
Activate - Chile''s Most Wanted
Video Duration 24 minutes 29 seconds

Chile’s indigenous Mapuche are fighting to protect and reclaim their ancestral lands from the government and foreign com

Published On 31 Oct 2012
Activate - Chile''s Most Wanted - photo gallery

This is the story of how a 17-year-old Mapuche activist became the first person to be convicted of terrorism in Chile.

Published On 31 Oct 2012
Activate - Chile''s most wanted

One activist is organising Mumbai’s slum-dwellers as they face eviction to make way for upmarket developments.

Published On 24 Oct 2012
Activate Mumbai land grabs
Video Duration 24 minutes 43 seconds

Can an award-winning Kenyan photojournalist set his camera aside and build a movement to fight political corruption?

Published On 17 Oct 2012
activate 2 - kenya rising - captions from the team
Video Duration 24 minutes 37 seconds

Criticising the government of Ilham Aliyev can carry heavy penalties as one opposition activist explains.

Published On 15 Dec 2011
Activate: An activist speaks