Could Latino voters help Trump win again?

What will a second Trump presidency, or a Joe Biden win, mean to the Latino community?

A woman holds a sign reading in English, 'Latinos for Trump' at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 21, 2016 [Carlo Allegri /Reuters]

For the first time in United States history, Latina, Latino, Latinx and Hispanic voters are projected to exceed the number of Black eligible voters in a presidential election, making this the largest ethnic minority voting group. Since his time as a candidate for the presidency in 2016, Donald Trump’s language towards the Latino immigrant community has been charged.

Though, not all voters are focusing on immigration reform at the ballot box. We are hearing from members of the community on what their key voting issues are, and what a Joe Biden win, or a second Trump presidency will mean to them.

In this episode:

León Krauze, Univision anchor, Washington Post columnist, and a podcast host for Slate; Jens Manuel Krogstad, a senior writer and editor at Pew Research Center.

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