Iran navy chief: US is not aware of our naval power

Rear-Admiral Ali Fadawi says Iran’s navy is capable of delivering ‘crushing response’ to enemies anywhere in the world.

Iran navy
Fadawi had stated earlier in March that the US had given up the military option due to the country's efficacious deterrence [Abedin Taherkenareh/EPA-EFE]

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) navy chief has warned the US against underestimating his country’s naval capabilities, according to the official FARS news agency (FNA).

Navy Chief–in-Command Rear-Admiral Ali Fadawi said on Sunday the US had little information about Tehran’s amphibious programme before suggesting that forces could be deployed in “free waters in the future”.

“The Americans have little information about Iran’s naval power and they understand our real power when either their vessels are sunken or entangled in a terrible situation,” Fadawi was quoted as saying by FNA.

Fadawi had stated earlier in March that the US had given up the military option due to the country’s efficacious deterrence, adding the IRGC Navy and Army Navy could deliver a “crushing response” to enemy aggression anywhere in the world. 

“The naval capacities can make our biggest enemies regret bullying … Today, the Americans understand well that the Army Navy and IRGC Navy are a united hand in the sea which enjoys much more power than the Americans.”

“The enemies should know that the Navy and the IRGC Navy, which act under a single command, are not afraid of threats and stand against any bullying anywhere in the world waters forcefully,” Rear Admiral Khanzadi said at the time. 

In January 2016, two US Navy patrol vessels were seized off Iran‘s coast after inadvertently entering the latter’s territorial waters but the incident was quickly resolved.

“After determining that their entry into Iran’s territorial waters was not intentional and their apology, the detained American sailors were released in international waters of the Persian Gulf,” a statement posted online by the Guard said at the time.

Source: Al Jazeera