Egypt police seize opposition

The Egyptian government conitnues its crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Police at a protest by the Muslim Brotherhood
Police at a protest by the Muslim Brotherhood
The Muslim Brotherhood is the country’s largest opposition group, with 88 members in the 454-seat lower house of parliament.
Abdel Moneim Mahmoud, a Brotherhood official, said the sweep took in 180 students from the university’s halls of residence, including Suhaib Gawdat el-Malt, whom he called the head of the free students union at the university.
Another prominent detainee is Ayman Abdel-Ghani, who runs the organisation’s student section at the university, and three members of the teaching staff, he said.
The government refuses to recognise the Muslim Brotherhood and the police frequently harass its members by detaining them without charge, sometimes for months at a time.
But the Islamist group does maintain an office and is able to organise some events within limits.
Source: News Agencies


Police have arrested 17 members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group for allegedly holding a meeting aimed at reviving the banned group’s activities, according to a security official.

19 Aug 2006

Nine members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested in a raid by Egyptian police on a study centre in Cairo.

5 Jun 2006

Police have detained 43 students at Assiut University in southern Egypt for suspected membership in the banned Muslim Brotherhood.

16 Apr 2006

Egyptian security forces have arrested at least eight members of the opposition Muslim Brotherhood in the northern city of Alexandria.

1 Apr 2006
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