The Spy Cables: Decoded – Episode two

What do the leaks tell us about spy communications and what effect will these leaks have on international relations?


A leak of hundreds of secret intelligence papers from agencies all over the world, offering a glimpse into the murky world of espionage.
Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit is publishing a selection of the documents and the stories contained within them. 

The Spy Cables are the widest-ranging leak of intelligence papers ever, and South Africa’s State Security Agency is facing its most damaging breach.

In the second of two programmes, we examine the impact of the biggest intelligence leak since Edward Snowden – on global espionage and South Africa’s relations to the rest of the world.

What do The Spy Cables tell us about how intelligence agencies communicate to each other and what effect will the leak have on international relations? 

Presenter: David Foster


Andre Roux , in Johannesburg – Former South African intelligence officer, now with the Institute for Security Studies.

Andrew Feinstein , on set – Former South African MP and author of The Shadow World , about the arms trade and intelligence organisations. 

Clayton Swisher , on set – the head of the Directorate of Investigative Journalism, Al Jazeera.