Spirit Child: Ritual Killings in Ghana

Anas Aremeyaw Anas investigates the ritual killings of Ghanaian children deemed to be possessed by evil spirits.


Greek workers on strike: 'We will fight until the end'

Thousands flooded the capital, Athens, amid swelling anger over the government's ongoing austerity measures.

Greece at a stand still as thousands strike against austerity

US & Canada

US government proposes rent raise on federally subsidised housing

Under the Trump Administration's plan, some of the poorest families may end up paying three times as much in rent.

The Listening Post

Myths and money in Britain's 'poverty porn' industry

How a British media trend demonising the poor could have implications for the welfare system and people depending on it.


Surviving Venezuela: Smuggling Dreams

A father attempts to swap fishing for smuggling in a bid to provide for his family amid economic crisis in Venezuela.


War, poverty and inequality: Is there any good news?

Harvard professor Steven Pinker's new book argues that things have never been better, but is he right?

War, poverty and inequality: Is there any good news?


'Superheroes of Kibera' inspiring Kenyan children to success

Children in Kibera are creating their own superheroes to deal with the problems around them.


Is the world actually getting better?

Steven Pinker argues global poverty is declining, but is he right? And Afua Hirsch and Claire Fox talk racism in the UK.

Steven Pinker: Is the world actually getting better?

United Kingdom

'Never been in mosque': Homeless welcomed as snow falls

As snow continues to fall, mosques invite the homeless in for food and warm shelter.

UK mosques open doors to homeless as temperatures plunge

The Big Picture

Venezuela: From riches to rags

What led to the economic collapse of Latin America's richest country?


Yemen's war gives rise to new class of 'untouchables'

Ostracised by their communities, leprosy sufferers are the 'silent victims' of the Saudi-led war on Yemen, medics say.

Taiz leprosy colony offers Yemeni 'outcasts' a home

United Kingdom

Homelessness hits record high in the UK

In one of the wealthiest countries in the world more and more people are now living on the streets.

Inside Story

Can the world be more equal?

Most of the world’s wealth generated last year ended up in the pockets of already very rich people.


'Employ us or kill us': Tunisian youth on the margins

In one of the country's poorest areas, young people describe the hardship and boredom of being out of work.

'Employ us or kill us': Tunisian youth on the margins


Tunisia's economy: Tourism slumps as PM seeks to calm protests

Political protests in Tunisia are disrupting the hospitality industry, the latest in a series of blows to tourism in the country.