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Trump seeks to change how poverty is defined

US Senate Democrats are cautioning the president against marginalising poor Americans.

Trump seeks to change how poverty is defined

Risking it all

Perilous Jobs in Peru

From scaling cliffs to navigating old mining shafts, these are the workers risking their lives to make a living in Peru.

The Listening Post

Myths and money in Britain's 'poverty porn' industry

How a British media trend demonising the poor could have implications for the welfare system and people depending on it.


How Yemenis prepare for Eid amid crippling conflict

This year, families celebrate being alive and healthy as poverty, unemployment dampen spirits in war-torn Yemen.

As Yemenis prepare for Eid, even celebration is a struggle

101 East

Philippines: Dying For Gold

We investigate why people are risking their lives in an illegal gold industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


The Great Inequality Debate

Economist Arthur Laffer and author Anand Giridharadas discuss inequality, billionaires and oligarchy in the US.

The Great Inequality Debate


Why the 'one percent' in the US is worried

The wealthy elite increasingly recognises that the socioeconomic status quo in the US is unsustainable.

David A Love

by David A Love

David A Love


France: May Day marked by street brawls and tear gas

More than 150,000 people across the country hit the streets with anarchists centre-stage during rioting in Paris.

May Day: Dozens hurt as anarchists, 'yellow vests' riot in Paris

Al Jazeera World

Casablanca Fight Club

A parking attendant and former champion runs a boxing school for youngsters dreaming of being the next Rocky.

Latin America

Venezuela: Communities combat US sanctions with solidarity

Communities in Venezuela try to cope with the political and economic crisis deepened by US sanctions.


World Bank preparing to become 'deeply involved' in Venezuela

IMF and World Bank chiefs address crisis in Venezuela on opening day of spring meetings.


US housing crisis: New focus on rural areas

Why affordable housing in the US is not just a problem in big cities.


As more Venezuelans flee, the crisis pushes deeper into Colombia

Groups document surge in number of Venezuelans crossing into Colombia in January, with locals ramping up efforts to help

As more Venezuelans flee, the crisis pushes deeper into Colombia


The Wall of Laments: 'It wasn't easy leaving Venezuela'

Venezuelans fleeing hyperinflation and poverty share stories of struggle at small cantina across the border in Colombia.

On the border, Venezuelans leave notes at the 'Wall of Laments'


Overshadowed by Brexit, the poor and homeless ignored in Britain

Campaigners want politicians and the media to pay more attention to the plight of the most vulnerable in society.