United Kingdom

UK minorities lag behind white counterparts on income

Despite improvements and a partial closing of the inequality gap, minorities are still at the bottom of wealth pyramid.

United Kingdom

London's tower of tragedy

Is the city's social housing crisis to blame for the Grenfell Tower fire?

London's tower of tragedy


Why did 41 girls die at a Guatemalan youth shelter?

Accusations of abuse and neglect have come to light after a fire at a state-funded youth shelter killed 41 girls.

Why did 41 girls die at a Guatemalan youth shelter?


Death throes of Russia's iconic countryside

Rapid urbanisation and industrial farming has led to a catastrophic situation in Russia's poverty-stricken hinterlands.

Death throes of Russia's iconic countryside

Business & Economy

Eight men who are as rich as half the world

The gap between the super-wealthy and the poorest half of the world's population is starker than previously thought.

Eight men who are as rich as half the world


India's demonetisation quagmire and its victims

The demonetisation move by the Indian government will not achieve its goals, but it will hurt ordinary people.

Prabhat Patnaik

by Prabhat Patnaik

Prabhat Patnaik


Sudan's price hike 'a huge disaster' for the poor

Sudanese respond to a civil disobedience call against new austerity measures.

Sudan's price hike 'a huge disaster' for the poor


Is inequality undermining US democracy?

We ask if the US inequality gap is fuelling anti-establishment sentiment, and talk to Zimbabwe's former VP Joice Mujuru.

We the People

Poverty: No Way Out

Investigating the cycle of poverty that has trapped 37 million Americans.

Human Rights

Seattle in US struggles with high homeless rate

The death of a 19-year-old man along the highway highlights the plight of the rising number of homeless in the area.

Seattle struggles to deal with high homeless rate

Fault Lines

Poison in Our Walls

Fault Lines investigates why hundreds of children in the US are still being poisoned by lead every year.


Haiti's peanut producers oppose US donation

Over 50 groups of farmers and aid workers seek to stop planned 500-tonne shipment that US officials term a donation.

101 East

Hong Kong: Aged and Abandoned

Hong Kong is one of the world's richest cities, so why are thousands of elderly residents collecting rubbish to survive?

US Elections 2016

Bernie Sanders calls out capitalism at the Vatican

US presidential hopeful says global action needed to end growing poverty and "economy operated for the top one percent".


In the Valley of Guns and Roses

The struggles of a single mother who works in a weapons factory in Bulgaria's Rose Valley.