Report highlights plight of DRC's 'cobalt children'

Western firms turn blind eye as child miners toil in dangerous conditions for precious "battery" mineral, Amnesty says.

Poverty & Development

Girls: Silent majority for how much longer?

The rights of the world's most vulnerable and the most desolate girls must be championed and made real.

by Gordon Brown


India: The disappearing children of Assam

Children are being trafficked into forced labour and sexual exploitation in large numbers from Assam state.

Child rights

Growing up as a refugee: 'I missed my childhood'

For Syrian refugees in Lebanon, child marriage and child labour are often a harsh reality.

Gaza: After the war

Clearing the rubble: Gaza's child workers

In war-torn Gaza, three young brothers take on the responsibility of providing for their family.

Latin America

Mexico's child farm workers at risk of exploitation

Millions of Mexicans, including many children, endure terrible conditions as they pick produce destined for the West.

Risking it all

The river traders of Brazil

There is a unique and dangerous commerce system at work in Amazonia, where children risk their lives for a few pennies.

Human Rights

In pursuit of child rights in Tanzania

One former child domestic worker is fighting for change and child rights.

Inside Story

Tackling child labour

Despite existing laws and regulations, the world has so far failed to eradicate child labour.

Child labour

Millions of children hard at work in India

International Child Labour Day turns harsh spotlight on India, with the highest number of working children in the world.

Human Rights

Child labour: Where do countries stand?

A number of countries around the world have not yet ratified international child labour conventions.

Human Rights

Portraits of child labourers

On the World Day Against Child Labour, child labourers share their stories – and their hopes for the future.

Human Rights

Child labour endemic around the globe

Lack of education and high rates of poverty drive persistent child labour around the world.

Human Rights

Ghana accused of using child labour in mines

According to Human Rights Watch, thousands of children are working in dangerous conditions in Ghana's gold mines.

Latin America

No action as Argentina's illegal sweatshops flourish

Two-thirds of the clothing industry is conducted in illegal workshops, like one where two young boys died last month.