Women's Rights

Will Chile's president-elect repeal a new abortion law?

Women's rights groups worry that the conservative president-elect will try to block the country's new abortion law.

What will Pinera's win mean for Chile's abortion law?


Conservative Pinera wins Chile's presidential election

Chile is the latest Latin America country to shift to the right after billionaire businessman wins presidential runoff.


Chileans vote in tight presidential election

After a shock first round, the race for Chile's presidency is 'completely open', analysts say.

The Far Right

Far right gains momentum in Chile's presidential elections

A far-right political party in Chile is expected to play a key role in determining the winner of Sunday's presidential runoff.


Chile heads to presidential vote run-off in December

Conservative Sebastian Pinera will face socialist Alejandro Guiller after neither candidate wins 50 percent of the vote.

Sebastian Pinera to face Alejandro Guillier in run-off