Income inequality

Super-rich: 62 people own as much as half the world

Report by UK charity Oxfam calls for a crackdown on tax havens as the world's wealthiest hide $7.6 trillion from taxes.


The world's inequality countdown

The rich can no longer pretend that their wealth benefits the rest of us - the only thing trickling down is inequality.

Winnie Byanyima

by Winnie Byanyima

Winnie Byanyima


Poverty in Orhan Pamuk's Turkey

The upcoming snap election offers the perfect opportunity to discuss inequality.

Kaya Genc

by Kaya Genc

Kaya Genc

Head to Head

Inequality: Are the rich cashing in?

Mehdi Hasan challenges former Reagan economic adviser Arthur Laffer on whether slashing taxes helps rich and poor.

Business & Economy

Bangladesh tea production hit by protests

Tea workers, who earn $5 a week, decry working conditions and say they are struggling to survive.

Poverty & Development

London housing prices push workers out

Tens of thousands of low-paid workers have had to move from the British capital due to skyrocketing property prices.


Migration of men leaves Tajik women unmarried

Poverty and lack of jobs forces nearly one million men to migrate to Russia each year, hindering matchmaking chances.


New York poor doors: a new discrimination?

Developers in US city build separate entrances for less wealthy residents, leading to claims of discrimination.

Human Rights

India's poor question 'poverty line' policy

As Indian government seeks to halve number of people below the poverty line, some question the benefit of being above.

Poverty & Development

Venezuela moves squatters from slum tower

Some residents denounce government decision to relocate thousands from half-built skyscraper they have used for years.


Italian town offers homes for a dollar

New homeowners in Sicilian town required to invest more money on restoration and hire locals to do the work.