Brexit looms large over UK elections

British Prime Minister Theresa May says she called the election because needs a stronger mandate for upcoming negotiations to withdraw the country from the EU.


Beatles' fans celebrate 50th anniversary of ‘Sgt. Pepper’ album

Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, an album by The Beatles, was released 50 years ago. Fans have celebrated the cheerful record, which had a zany cover when it came out. Al Jazeera’s Jessica Baldwin reports from Liverpool, England.

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UK media's obsession with Jeremy Corbyn

We look at the coverage of Corbyn and the Labour Party and ask whether the media are putting personality before policy.

The Listening Post

British media's coverage of Corbyn: Balanced or biased?

The Labour Party faces a right-leaning media with weeks until the election. Plus, the media black hole in Sinai, Egypt.


Jane Austen fans celebrate 200th anniversary of her death

Jane Austen's popularity hasn't waned in 200 years. From Pride and Prejudice to Sense and Sensibility, her books have never been out of print, and thousands of fans around the world are planning events to celebrate her life.

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Prominent cultural critic John Berger dies aged 90

Author of "Ways of Seeing", considered an influential thinker of 20th century, passes on at the age of 90 in Paris.

John Berger, author of 'Ways of Seeing', dies aged 90


UK authors help kids unleash creative writing skills

A London charity run by successful novelists provides writing programmes for children from low-income backgrounds.


Interfaith weddings at UK Sikh temples hit by protests

Minority at a crossroads as community members threaten to continue protests against mixed marriages at gurdwaras.


US Muslims removed from plane 'for speaking Arabic'

Delta launches review after YouTube star says he was forced off plane with a friend after speaking Arabic on the phone.

Social media star Adam Saleh removed from Delta plane


Delta: US Muslims removed for 'provocative behaviour'

YouTube star Adam Saleh says he was forced off New York-bound plane with a friend after speaking Arabic on the phone.

Adam Saleh removed from plane 'for speaking Arabic'


UK doctors want minorities to donate more organs

Britain has one of the lowest rates of organ donation in Europe and doctors in UK want minorities to participate more.


New UK cabinet peppered with pro-Brexit politicians

PM Theresa May finalises details of new government as shock appointment of Boris Johnson as foreign secretary sinks in.

UK: New cabinet peppered with pro-Brexit politicians


Britain invaded Iraq based on 'flawed intelligence'

Inquiry into Britain's role finds the consequences of Tony Blair's decision to invade Iraq in 2003 were underestimated.


Iraq report: Tony Blair scrutinised

Report runs to 2.6m words and investigates UK's role in 2003 Iraq War, with Tony Blair under scrutiny.


Pro-Brexit UKIP leader Nigel Farage resigns

After running divisive campaign to leave the EU, Farage quits, while Britain faces economic and political challenges.