Asia Pacific

Hong Kong invests in renewable energy project

A mere 0.1 percent of the city's power comes from green sources, but the government now seeks to harness the power of the sun.

Human Rights

Brazil: 2017 one of 'bloodiest years' for land conflicts

New data shows at least 70 people were killed last year as land conflicts in country's Amazon intensified.

Brazil: 2017 one of 'bloodiest years' for land conflicts


Nepal government to ban vehicles older than 20 years

This is part of an effort to control air pollution in the country.

First Nations

Canada: Trudeau under fire as pipeline opposition grows

Canadian PM vows to push through a $5bn oil pipeline project, but indigenous leaders say it 'will never be built'.

Trudeau under fire as Trans Mountain pipeline opposition grows


Scientists test plastic-eating enzyme in bid to fight pollution

It is a world first in an effort to find a solution for the 300 million tonnes of plastic produced every year.


Nigeria: Shrinking Goronyo dam threatens livelihood of millions

In the past year, water levels have dropped to just 10 percent of its capacity, forcing authorities to ration water to homes.

Special series

Up to the Last Drop: The Secret Water War in Europe

Is water a commodity or a human right? Cities across Europe are fighting water privatisation.


Rising sea levels threaten UNESCO site in Senegal

Saint Louis, a UNESCO heritage site, home to more than 300 years of colonial history, is under threat from rising sea levels.


Iceland faces mass tourism's challenge

The small North Atlantic island struggles to cope with an influx of visitors, endangering its nature for economic gains.

Iceland: The tourism epidemic


Asia's longest river floods sea with plastic waste

China's environment ministry plans to address the 1.5 million tonnes of plastic the Yangtze River carries out to sea each year.


Philippines to temporarily shut down tourist island

Boracay's closure ordered by President Duterte after he was outraged by environmental violations.

Philippines to shut down tourist island Boracay for six months

Asia Pacific

Indonesia declares state of emergency after oil spill ignites

Environmentalists are urging police to speed up their investigation and bring those responsible for the spill in the port city of Balikpapan, on the island of Borneo, to justice.


A 'mini-Chernobyl' in Moscow's suburbs

Anger in the small Russian town of Volokolamsk surges over toxic fumes from a landfill processing the capital's rubbish.

Volokolamsk: A 'mini-Chernobyl' in Moscow's suburbs


Antarctic underwater glaciers melting at 'extreme' rate

According to the study, 1,463sq km of ice melted between 2010 and 2016, an area slightly smaller than that of London.

Antarctic underwater glaciers melting at an 'extreme' rate


Libyans forced to dig for water in backyards

Libya is said to have one of the largest irrigation projects in the world. About 3,000km of an underground pipeline system carrying fossil freshwater is meant to supply water to millions. But many cities are still running dry.