COP24: Coal-dependent Poland refrains from adopting clean energy

It is evident that for coal-dependent nations like Poland, transition to clean energy is long way off.

Climate SOS

No deal in climate change talks would be 'suicidal'

UN chief says failure of negotiations in Katowice will compromise 'best chance to stop runaway climate change'.

Asia Pacific

China's reliance on coal: Pivot to green energy difficult

Reliance on coal and a trade war with the US put the brakes on China's goal to curb pollution with green energy plans.


Chinese company angers indigenous community in Cameroon

A Chinese state-owned company is behind rubber plantations that Cameroon villagers say threaten their livelihoods.

Indigenous communities at risk as Chinese rubber firm uses land


COP24: Solar geoengineering may help limit global warming

Scientists suggest there is high agreement that injection of chemicals into the stratosphere could help limit global warming.

Asia Pacific

Tanzania's Ol Doinyo Lengai shows early sign of eruption

Ol Doinyo Lengai is the only known active volcano with a type of lava that can move faster than a person.


Kenya's green geothermal power an example to the world

Africa's largest geothermal energy producer, Kenya, sets an example for the world's biggest polluters.


COP24: Protesters demand action to check global warming

Even as activists are demanding urgent action to save the planet, delegates inside are at odds over a crucial report.


Denmark mulls labelling food based on its environmental impact

Denmark wants to reduce pollution caused by the food industry in order to have zero emissions by year 2050.

US & Canada

Trump EPA makes it easier to open new coal plants

Trump rolled back an Obama-era regulation designed to reduce CO2 emissions.

Latin America

Can Tangier Island be first climate change casualty in the US?

As world leaders continue climate talks, a US island is sinking.

Climate SOS

2018 to see 'record CO2 emissions, peak not in sight'

The Global Carbon Project says carbon dioxide emissions resumed growth in 2017 and peak 'not yet in sight'.

Carbon emissions forecast to hit record levels this year


A Time to Swim: A Story of Resistance in the Forests of Borneo

An exiled indigenous activist returns to his childhood village in Malaysia, where he faces a race to save his culture.

Latin America

Brazil's president-elect threatens Amazon rainforest

Jair Bolsonaro aims to boost mining, farming and dam building in Amazon.


Treated sewage water to become tap water in El Paso

Climate change forces people to make some unpalatable decisions.

Treated sewage water to become tap water in El Paso