New bill aims to bring Greece's solar revolution to cities

Greece is preparing a law that will make it easier for apartment blocks to install solar panels on their rooftops.

US & Canada

Santa Barbra threatened as California fires rages on

More evacuation orders have been issued in southern California as wind gusts continue to spread huge wildfires threatening coastal towns.

Native Americans

Native tribes sue Trump to protect sacred land

Native Americans launch fight to protect sacred sites after Trump reduced the size of protected cultural lands in Utah.

Native tribes sue Trump over Bears Ears Monument

United States

Trump declares emergency as LA fires spread

US President Donald Trump has declared an emergency in California and pledged additional aid as six wildfires continue to sweep across the southern part of the state.


California wildfires bear down on Los Angeles suburbs

Up to 12,000 properties are at risk and hundreds have already been destroyed this week in Southern California.


Explained: Donald Trump's 'attack' on the environment

US president is rolling back the country's efforts to fight climate change. Here's a look at what he has done so far.

Explained: Donald Trump's 'attack' on the environment

US & Canada

Thousands evacuated as southern California fires spread

Thousands of people have been forced from their homes under mandatory evacuation orders in Southern California by wildfires fuelled by winds of almost 100 kilometres per hour.


Floods wreak havoc across Southern Thailand

Nine provinces in Southern Thailand are flooded after torrential monsoon rains. The flooding has also affected parts of northern Malaysia and more wet weather is forecast in the coming days.

Reporter's Notebook

Thailand floods: Villagers frustrated over government inaction

With yet another flood hitting southern Thailand, villagers point to decades of inaction by consecutive governments.

Thailand floods: Villagers frustrated over government inaction


The hurricane season comes to an end

The Atlantic and Caribbean had 17 named storms in one of the wettest and wildest seasons on record.

The hurricane season comes to an end


Is it too late to save Mexico's vaquita porpoise?

TechKnow explores scientists' last-ditch conservation effort to save the world's smallest porpoise from extinction.

Middle East

Palestine's Idhna struggles with e-waste

Around half of the e-waste generated in Israel finds its way to the occupied West Bank.


Tesla activates world's biggest battery

Tesla has activated a lithium-ion battery big enough to power 30,000 homes in South Australia.


Lebanon struggles with safe waste disposal

Lebanon is struggling with another rubbish problem, two years after it brought the last one under control.

Asia Pacific

Thousands living near Bali volcano refuse to evacuate

Thousands of villagers living in the danger zone are refusing to seek refuge in emergency centres.